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OSMA Alliance History
An OSMA Alliance history as given by
2006-2007 OSMAA President, Ruth Beller.

In anticipation of Oklahoma becoming a state the Indian Territory Medical Association and the Oklahoma Territory Medical Association planned to form the Oklahoma State Medical Association (OSMA). This historical event would take place in Shawnee. The spouses of the Shawnee physicians gathered to plan the entertainment for the spouses of these doctor’s who would be arriving from all over these two territories.

As these women met for the purpose of entertainment, they actually formed the Women’s Auxilliary to the Pottawatomie County Medical Society. This would be the very first auxilliary to a medical society anywhere in the nation. It was formed in 1907, 15 years before the Auxilliary to the AMA came into existence!

What I found significant is that when these pioneer women set out initially just to entertain, they made history by forming the first medical Auxilliary. They also started making a difference right away. Their first order of business was to create a committee to ask the new local hospital the cost of furnishing a hospital room for charity patients.

Many county auxilliaries were formed that year along with the Women’s Auxilliary to the Oklahoma State Medical Association. Their focus was to foster the interests of the medical profession. This focus would set the precedence for virtually every medical Auxilliary to follow! Health issues would always be central to their purpose. They were going to make a difference!